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    Welcome to the Seattle Chapter of ARCS Foundation

  • Fostering Discovery

    Welcome to the Seattle Chapter of ARCS Foundation

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    Driving Innovation

    Welcome to the Seattle Chapter of ARCS Foundation


Congenial, forward-thinking and successful, the Seattle Chapter ARCS Foundation, mirrors its dynamic, innovative city.

Divided by the snow-capped Cascades, Washington is a geographic, climactic and cultural dichotomy. The Seattle Chapter enjoys strategic partnerships with both the University of Washington at its sprawling urban setting amidst the stunning natural beauty of Seattle, and the land grant Washington State University in the fertile, rolling hills of Eastern Washington’s Palouse. WSU has a growing global presence in plant and agricultural sciences as well as veterinary medicine, while the UW is recognized as one of the country’s top research institutions in computer science, mathematics, engineering and medical research. Both campuses emphasize the effective creative synergy of cross-departmental collaboration, and each competes for the best and the brightest young scholars in their respective fields.

Founded in 1978 to benefit the University of Washington, the Seattle Chapter was honored as a UW Presidential Laureate in 2008, signifying cumulative donations exceeding $10 million dollars. The chapter added Washington State University scholar award recipients in 1999, and in just ten years achieved Silver Laureate Status at WSU, recognizing gifts totaling over $1 million.

Annual scholar awards have soared from $1,000 in 1978 to over $1,032,500 in 2019. Fifty-four of these awards are supported in perpetuity by named endowments currently holding more than $11 million in assets between the two universities. The Seattle Chapter now benefits a combined total of over 48 academic departments at UW and WSU. 

Seattle Chapter’s 120 members are proud of their contributions. With a healthy dose of the fierce pioneering spirit that has made Seattle a renowned scientific and technological center, they recognize that our future lies in new ideas born in the labs and explored in the fields of scientific research – ideas to unlock the secrets of our universe, improve agricultural production, sustain our waterways and resources, and conquer disease.

Boeing, Microsoft, Physio Control and RAM Mounts – just a few Northwest companies that have changed our lives. Seattle Chapter members believe their philanthropy can be similarly transformational and take immense pride in supporting brilliant young scientists on the cutting edge of discovery.

For more complete information, click HERE to go directly to the local website of the Seattle Chapter ARCS Foundation.


Incorporated August 11, 1978
Incorporation No. 2-281256-4
A Non-Profit Organization:
Tax ID 91-1042292


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